Frequently Asked Questions About Landscaping

Author: Paul Klink | | Categories: Landscaping , Property Maintenance , Snow Removal


Many home and business owners dream of having sections of lawn and beautiful gardens surrounding their properties as they create calm and attractive surroundings. However, when it comes to maintaining these landscape elements, they often find themselves struggling with a ton of questions. At Klink & Son, we understand the challenges you may be facing, and we want to arm you with the most accurate information available. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about landscaping.

1. How can I have a green and healthy lawn?
To maintain a healthy, green lawn, cut and trim it every week. You’ll also need to fertilize it four times a year and water it during the dry period.

2. How often should I aerate or roll?
When you notice pools of water in some regions of your lawn, make sure you aerate those areas. Similarly, when the water runs off, there are worn patches in your lawn or a lot of thatch built up, you should aerate it. If possible, try to prevent rolling your lawn as it reduces the space that fills with air and water, depending on the moisture level in your soil.

3. Should I bag when I cut?
Grass clippings provide nutrients to the soil and are good for the lawn’s growth. So, you can leave the clippings behind after trimming your lawn.

4. What is a good way of controlling weeds?
To control weed growth, add mulch to your flower beds. Also, fertilize and water the lawn to maximize its health. This will choke out obnoxious weeds and ensure your plants thrive.

5. What is the best way to maintain a sharp-looking lawn?
For clean, sharp-looking lawn, you need to hire a professional and determine a maintenance plan. You can discuss your needs with your property maintenance contractor and formalize your agreement through a contract.

6. How can I determine who is reputable?
The best way to find reliable landscape contractors is to check their BBB reviews. You can also look them up on Landscape Ontario and review their website for more details about their services. Despite these steps, if in doubt, you can always ask the contractor for a couple of references.

7. What is another way of determining reputation and reliability?
Another way to check for reputation and reliability is to see how long the professional has been in business. Poor business practices do not result in longevity, particularly in this highly competitive industry.

8. What if I am still a little skeptical?
If you still have doubts about the professional landscaper you’re considering, ask them for a few addresses of properties looked after by them. You can visit these places and look for yourself and even ask the property owner if they are pleased with the service they receive from their contractor.

If you have any more questions about maintaining your landscape, garden, or yard, get in touch with the experts at Klink & Son. As the leaders in property maintenance in Stoney Creek, ON, we promise you top-quality service. We’ve been in business for nearly twenty years and are well recognized within our community. We cater to commercial and residential clients and offer both sets of clients the same level of dedication and quality.

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