The Pioneer of Hamilton and Stoney Creek's Landscaping Industry: Paul Klink

Author: Paul Klink | | Categories: De-Icing , Duty Patrols , Landscaping , Property Maintenance , Snow Removal


As a family-run property maintenance business serving the Hamilton region for over twenty years, Klink and Sons’ clients have come to rely on us for expert lawn care with unmatched customer service.

My father, Paul, started this business over twenty years ago, and I believe his dedication to providing reliable property maintenance services helped form the industry into what it has become today.

He is a well-respected pioneer of the landscaping and property maintenance industry, showing our community that his services are valued across the region. His lawn care practices paired with exceptional customer service have become a staple in Hamilton and Stoney Creek, ensuring our neighborhoods look as nice as they are to live in. 

Paul started this company from a van towing a trailer to a three crew company. This business has a small success rate and investing money and time was a huge risk. The Klink and Son gamble paid off, turning his eye for beautiful landscape, hard work, and dedication to customer service into an invaluable business loved throughout many communities in Hamilton. 

Not only did Paul know how to deal with customers, problems and situations properly, he also set a standard within the industry. He taught me these skills and values which I carry into each business interaction with our customers to this day. In my opinion, this industry would not be what it is today without the leadership and hard work of my father.

At Klink and Son, we not only believe Paul is the heart of our business but the heart of the landscaping and property maintenance industry. We take pride in maintaining 100% customer satisfaction and would love to help your property look its best.

Reach out to Hamilton, Ancaster, and Stoney Creek’s best landscape and property maintenance company to handle all of your property maintenance needs. With the winter approaching, keep us in mind for your snow removal. Contact Klink and Son today.