Busted! Don’t Believe These Lawn Care Myths!

Author: Paul Klink | | Categories: De-Icing , Duty Patrols , Landscaping , Property Maintenance , Snow Removal

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Lush green sprawling lawns have a soothing effect on the eyes and add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, to ensure your lawn grows well and stays in pristine condition, there are certain steps that you must take. Unfortunately, when it comes to caring for your lawn and its maintenance, people don’t realize that there are many factors to be considered.

More often than not, lawn care is affected by the existence of widely believed landscaping myths that are considered as best practices. These notions are supported by all kinds of information, much of which is untrue and may damage your lawn.

To help ease your troubles and gain access to accurate information, Klink and Son, have debunked two of the most widely believed myths about lawn care.

Myth 1: Compression is good for lawn growth.

This is utterly false as compression inhibits lawn growth. It’s always suggested to use a lightweight roller on your lawn so that the lawn seeds get room to breathe and grow.

Myth 2: Too much water will damage the lawn.

On the contrary, lawns can never have too much water. Underwatering a lawn could lead to significant issues with the health of the lawn. As a lawn owner, you will gradually be able to tell what your lawn requires and how to react to it.

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